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First, a little bit of history can help you understand Symi' s make-up: The history of the island begins in mythological times. It is believed that the first inhabitants were the Carians. Later on, King Nireus took part in the Trojan War with 3 ships. From 480 BC Symi was part of the Athenian League. During the Roman and Byzantine epochs she was closely linked to Rhodes. The beginning of her urban growth was in the years 1309-1457 AC The older village was built on the upper part called "Horio". The important urban growth of Symi began after the 18th century, when Symi entered a prosperous period due to many special privileges that were granted by the Ottoman Empire. (Like shipbuilding, sponge fishing rights, freedom of religious expression etc.) During that period the houses began to spread out from the castle area, mainly towards the harbor. The majority of the churches were also built during that period. The bays around Symi-harbor, called Nimborio and Pedi served as summer resorts for the wealthiest families. Larger houses were built by the ship-owners around the waterfront of the harbor. Other aristocratic families built their houses on the south part of the bay and mainly around a large street with steps called "Kali Strata". This part of the town has the privilege of being very cool during the summer period. Smaller houses were built mainly on the north wing of the bay. By the end of the 19th century, the population reached 27000 inhabitants and the town of Symi attained the shape and beauty that remains intact to this day, unfortunately with the exception of many houses that were left to fall into ruins, due to the emigration of the inhabitants. Today's' local population is 2700 people.

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A newly built, free standing home, with private garden and a veranda with extensive view to the bay of Symi port. Direct access by car in the back of the house via a low traffic street. View this property

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